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Hotel Collection partnered with Star Wars to bring their scents to life.

The challenge was to show how does this scents actually smell in just an image?

For this I developed a series of  "Worlds" using photo montage and later animated them, each one balancing the line between Star Wars inspired but still being a part of our world, this means no use of lightsabers, the force or anything that wouldn't happen in the real world


Graphic Design

Motion Design


Hotel Collection 

Star Wars


Official Commercial
" Choose Your Allegiance"

Developed storyboard + helped with VFX on the official Commercial

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Video Credits

Creative Direction
Sebastian Velasquez

Motion Design
Renzo Novelli

Set Design
Brian Oranges
Amber Marinescu
Gaby Penuela

Nick Gallo
Jorge Velasquez

Jonathan Jehle


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