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Amor Roma

Music Videos

Album Packaging


Music Video Director

Creative Director

Graphic Design

"Amor Roma" is Samantha Sanchez Debut album, inspired in love, and the Chinese myth of the red thread of destiny.


Developed this album's visual concept, directed the music videos, and designed the artworks


Chapter 0

Opens up the concept of the red thread of destiny.

Muero Contigo

Chapter 1


We see Samantha in a "parallel world" where she touches the red threads of destiny, and is transported to different worlds and different lifes with her lover.


Final Chapter

The red threads have now become fabrics, she tries to break away but she can't.


Leading single design, it's an illustration that later became a scene of the music videos.


Design for the main album with main thematic of the red thread of destiny and the artists hands.

Her hands have tattoos on them that actually spell out 'amor'(love) & "roma'(Rome, but can also be interpreted as an upside down love)

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